New Service Provider Registration – Getting Started

Welcome, new Service Provider!

New Form 498 ID Registration Process

To create a new Form 498 ID account:

Step 1 - Submit an FCC Form 498 with USAC through E-File.

Step 2 - The Company Officer listed on the form will receive an email notification that the form was submitted.

Step 3 - The Company Officer will have 10 business days to certify the new form submission.

Step 4 - USAC will approve/reject the form submission within 72 business hours.

Step 5 - Please be advised that you may be requested to submit valid banking information.

After You Complete Filer Registration

USAC will assign your company a new Form 498 ID.

USAC will send your Form 498 ID General Contact and Company Officer usernames and passwords so they can access E-File to submit revisions.

For questions about the E-File system, call USAC Customer Operations at   (888) 641-8722.